A schwabian dress

Instead of waiting for my inspiration to write about all my old projects and but in photos of them I now start with a new project and also make something happen on this blog. I´ve askt a friend about emroidery on dresses and she show´d me “the schwabian dress”. I feel in love and now the project are started. sleeve2-500 11 15 16 Wedding portrait from Jakob Fugger the rich and his wife Sibylla Artzt from 1498 painted by Thomas (Thoman) Burgkmair1

I started to google and find inspiration and that also leed to that I finally started to use pintrest. So here are my galleri for embroidery inspiration . This time I actually shall try and document my reaserch from the beginning. I also shall try and write in english. I know that there will be both spelling and grammar problems but you´ll have to live with them ;).

So I sketcht up a pattern that I´m going to use on the arm. The items on the sketch has symbolic meenings. The fleur de lys are symbolic for Gotvik because it´s an element in there arms. The ekoxe are for Baggeholm where I used to be a member and they will always have a piece of my heart. The peacocks are simply because I like them both in mundan life but also on old manuscripts and scrolls!. The swans that aren´t finishd on the sketch are going to be on my own coat of arm. My name in the society (not yet registered) Silwa af Swaneholm are inspired from were I grew up and now I´m planning to buy a house there (Svanskog, Swaneholm). They also have a nice symbolic meaning. I´m thinking about trying to fit in a cat somewhere to.

I have bought black velvet to try and see if it will work well with the pearls and embroidery. I also doing “try out embroiderys” and trying to find good sources that shows that they used silk for doing embroidery and patchwork. I need to check for links and look up sourses:


  1. I’ve always liked the dress in the top picture, partly for the way the design comes over the chest, but largely, I think, because the headress looks like a comedy sci-fi brain, it reminds me of the aliens in mars attacks

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