Yesterday I started on the peacocks. They are included in my embroidery simply because I love how they look both in real life but also in illuminated manuscripts. They are pretty common in manuscripts and I have been looking on diffrent manuscripts.


On this site you can find bestiary of diffrent kinds and amoung them some of the peacocks I´ve studied besides the one in the manuscript that I wrote about some days ago. I also have found a painting done by Carlo Crivelli with a dress that has a bird (looks like a pelican) pearl embroided on the arm!


The detail picture I found on Pinterest. I did want to see the whole painting and started to search for it. I found it and at the same time I also found a painting from Carlo that had a peacock with golden feathers in it.

The first one took almost a day to do. It took a lot of thinking and trying out how to do the embroidery. From the beginning it was not the intention that whole peacock would consist of pearls but it ended up that way. I still have the feathers to do on the second peacock but me and this project does have a high speed. But this is what I do all day long when I´m trying to rest and not think about work and my burnout! Two weeks at home now so the embroidery takes time, it´s just that I don´t do so much else. And I actually believe that this will turn out really good. I like my embroidery so far even with mistakes.

wpid-20140207_152030.jpgwpid-20140209_130301.jpg wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-02-09-13.08.37.jpg.jpgwpid-20140209_111654.jpg wpid-20140209_162428.jpg wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-02-09-20.29.24.jpg.jpgwpid-20140209_203251.jpg

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