Time to take the next step!

The embroidery on the sleeve to be are done! It feels nice and strange, many hours spent! But now it´s time to do a toile on the dress and then start to do the embroidery on the other pieces. I got an advice from Opusanglicanum about using goldthread in my last post and followd it, Thank you :). I also added some pearls.

Now I only have one problem left and that is the fact that the cloth has started to smell like somebody pukt on it! So I´thinking about trying to handwash it very carefully. I found this blog that talks about washing pearl embroiderys and I think that it would be doable. I have washd a piece of the cloth and some of the yarn and goldtread to see how they respond and it seems that they dont react with the water and no color shedding or rost from the gold and silver spiral. Also I hope that washing it maybe would make the stretching go back a little bit, but don´t know if I´m willing to take that risk!

wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-03-31-12.23.33.jpg.jpg wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-03-31-12.23.08.jpg.jpg

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  1. if you’re worried about the puckering, then yes, wash it(cold water neutral detergent), but whilst it’s wet lay it on a large board (I use a big piece of plywood) and pin the edges to stretch it back into shape, leave it there until dry – this ought to take care of much of the problem. tarnish on gold thread depends very much upon the brand, and can kick in over time anyway, final rinse in distilled/deionised water may help

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