Easter and alot has happen!

The embroidery are done besides the “brustfleck” wich feels like a drop in the ocean… All the seems in the body and the lining are stitched and folded. I´ve made own silkribbons and attached them and started to stich pearls on it. So a huge progress on my project that besides the crazy embroidery also are going to be my first dress totally stitch by hand 🙂 Someday I will post more about the ribbon making process but today I mostly let the pictures do the talking because my english and brain don´t work good today.

DSC_0228 DSC_0229 DSC_0230DSC_0231 wpid-20140422_145800.jpg wpid-20140422_152756.jpg DSC_0235DSC_0236wpid-20140421_131443.jpg wpid-20140421_142325.jpgwpid-20140423_151237.jpg

The silk that I used for the ribbon and are going to use for the “brustfleck”

Detail on the “ribbon” from the painting on my inspirationdress from Jens album on Flickr

The ribbon with pearls on it.


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