Pennsicgarb 1.0

I´m going to Pennsic for the first time! I have realized that I need more “summerdresses”. Luckely I had some silk that a friend gave me. It was already cut out so needed to do something that I could do out of 12 gusset formed skirt pieces, 2 arms and some scrap fabric. My major inspiration are a painting of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. I love Carlo Crivellis paintings even do they may not be “correct”.  And if you remember he also made the painting with a bird on the arm that I wrote about erlier in my blog.
I´ve ordered brocade from Sartor for the arms that are: “A reproduction of an existing textile from 14th century Spain/Italy stored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The pattern may be suitable for 15th century as well. The brocade is densely woven from very fine threads, creating a feel of true luxury.”. I´m loning for when it arrives!  Here are some pictures of the italian style and also one on my project how it looks today.

6775d97490ef7b64eee6cf8423820257 CarpaccioBetrothed ce04448fccc02c450f6c130520d97bb3 f080769ee22a5254edd06add9110081a fa67ca2fd080fb3eea87d6a59bfefb7f

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