Dear Pennsic v/s Silwa


So I surrvived my first Pennsic and if that wasen´t enough I feel in love with Pennsic! Theres so many things that aren´t possible to describe with words. The atmosphere, the smell, the sounds, the feelings inside. Let´s just say that my SCA spark got a huge kick rush!


Two weeks and alot has happend and I will not write about it in order. I´m going to start with all the amazing people I meet.

First I´m going to tell you about Slanja and Ty. I first meet them att Eira and Duke Matts place and when Pennsic started they already had made a place in my heart. An amazing couple that guided us throu the Bog, who told us when to be quiet about being a Pennsicvirgin and when not. Who intruduced us to alot of people and learned us alot. Without you two my first Pennsiv would not have been the same! Don´t ever change and keep on rocking! And please bring me with you when I come to Pennsic next time! Less talkie talkie, more walkie walkie!

They both lived with Woodland watch a group of people who welcomed us with open arms. Theres alot of things that can be said but one of the things that moved me the most was Duchess Liadains words a late night. I´ll keep them for my self but you really made my a very happy Silwa!

Raven, Margaret, Eskil, Trondas (how do you spell ?), Christa, Dan, Chris, Carolina and more, it was nice to get to know you more or meet you for the first time. And Raven, make sure that Kalle will teach you more words in swedish, Du behöver smisk can take you far but some more words k´can be good to know 😉

And Dear Drachenwalders, it was nice to spend more time with you and learn to know you all a little bit more! I´m very proud to be a member of the same kingdom as you guys!


So I could speak about all small things that happend and about all big things but I´m just going to sum up some of it:

Food court: I´m very glad that Eira had warned me about that I was going to long after something else after a while, but pirogies, ice mochalatte, outback burger and sweet potato fries are good things still!

Market: 280 salesmen, almost as many as the participants of a normal Double wars…

And man I feelt rich! I shopped alot of bling and fabrics and blings 😉 I also bought two knifes, two throwing axes, new mugg, waxstick and sigill, japan gold, yarn, bone awl, garthers, lether for two belts, bucklets, buttons, needles, beads, freshwater pearls and more. I also swaped one of my birgitta caps against 8 yards of italian silk wool.


Pennsic university: I went to the arts and science display, I had planned to participate with my swabian dress but since I haden´t finishd my documentation I did not, next time I will do! 175

150I attended four classes and tryed to attend two more that were full. One of them was Beginner thrown weapons class that Isabetta asked me if I would like to join to. And I´m so glad she asked me! I loved it. So before Pennsic was over I had bought my own axes to bring home 🙂


Throwing range: It was so nice up there, all the people who answered all of our beginners questions and showed us alot of things. I´m sorry that I missed meeting up with Robert (?) that promised to show us knifes throwing, we were not able to make it there :(. Time to try to start something up in Drachenwald 🙂


Some of my Pennsicmoments I will never forget:

*When Nigel tells me that some ladies have been talking about my sleeves in the food court and said that it´s probably polyester, he had answered them that: She is from Drachenwald, they are probably not polyester (it was my replica silk/rayon sleeves)


*Learning what carbombs are and not to join a heave down race…

*Meeting the Blue feather clan and introduce them to Enaro Enormis…

*Meeting Finnigus (?)

*Kinky, kinky mimosas and all the peoples reaction when I offered them Kinky…

*The amazing Ty-ty and his less talkie talkie, more walkie walkie

*All the awesome new friends I gained. You all stole a little piece of my heart ♥♥♥

*SBK, Oooh it´s ok, NEJ, Indian sunrise, redwine slushies

*Singing on the road, singing outside porta potties, singing swedish songs with Eira

and more and more…69

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