Leather pattens

I have made my first leather project that are a pair of pattens to wear with thin leather shoes or hose. It started at Pennsic were Isabetta and William were going to buy leather and start to do pattens. They had been inspired after seeing Åsas pair that her husband Mårten made for her (blogg in swedish) and here are his documentation. I also visited the A&S display and a man there that I unfortunately don´t remember the name of had done a lovely pair!DSC_0731 DSC_0730

Since the days were full of alot of things to do we ended up cutting the leather out the last night, I tried a little game we had in our camp thou so I was a bit to tipsy to handle a knife at the end…
Here are Isabetta and William working in the dark

:131 130

At home I started to work on them when my jetlag had left. All in all they took me about 5 workdays to do them, the first shoe took 3 days because I had to try diffrent solutions and didn´t know how to do things the best way. I also tried to find some pictures of leather pattens in art.

Detail Annunciation from the Maria am Gestade altarpiece in Vienna c 1460-1470
Detail Annunciation from the Maria am Gestade altarpiece in Vienna c 1460-1470
Master of the Life of the Virgin – The Birth of Mary 1470

Here are my result

This post is about how I did the pattens

:wpid-20140822_145425.jpg wpid-20140822_145450.jpg wpid-20140822_145507.jpg wpid-20140822_145531.jpg wpid-20140822_145639.jpg wpid-20140822_145656.jpg

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