Dyed some velvet

So I´ve also plan to start a new pearl project sometime this autumn or winter. I have never done a cranach and I happen to have nearly six meters of cotton velvet laying around that a bought many years ago and it would not cost me so much to start on this project. I decided to dye it green (in a very mordern way do). First with 2 packs of Herdins olive green colour and than with only one small pack of “buteljegreen” (bottle green)

The first two pictures are from how it looked before I started coloring it. The third and fourth are after the olive green wash and the fifth and sixth are after the “buteljgreen” wash. The last wash made the green just a little deeper.

wpid-20140826_113448.jpg wpid-20140826_113458.jpg wpid-20140826_135127.jpg wpid-20140826_135209.jpgwpid-20140826_201431.jpg wpid-20140826_201354.jpg

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