A try to medieval garb

Some days ago I come across some photos taken of me on my first and second Medieval week in Visby. This was before the SCA and 11-10 years ago. The pictures made me think about how I feelt when I started my jorney in Nordmark and how much I have developed my garb since then. In Nordmark and Drachenwald we have alot of awesome people making amazing things and sometimes it easy to forget were it all started! Today I would not wear my old garb, my first three dresses are actually long gone. But back then I was very proud of them and the work I had put down.And it´s important to remember that when you start in the SCA the only thing that is important when it comes to garb are that you have made a try to make it look medieval.

The same feeling still hits me when I meet both new and old SCAdians and I think about the hard work they all but down. It dosent matter what kind of garb, armour or craft it is, all the work people do both at home and at events are sometimes hard to imagine. My fellow members, you rock!

And now some pictures on me in my second, third and forth garb….
All of them are made from patterns from Sofias atelje, with lacing in the back on one of them.  I had no underdresses and only one layer of linen and of course my cloak made in crushed velvet polyester. Even the hems was sewn on the sewing machine. The yellow and gold dress I still uses now and then. It has a trim of fur now and starting to fall apart but after all the dress was made of my grandmothers cotton brocade curtains!

I have developed my skills and garb alot since then…

1924165_49425661186_10_n 1924165_49425696186_1974_n P1010157

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