Some more scrolls!

So I´ve had the honor to do some more scrolls that has been given out.

One for Aleydis Van Vilvoorde who was given an baronial award in Gotvik. “Ragnhild den upplysta” that are given out for those who have and share there knowledge in A&S



And here are the original manuscript that I used for inspiration. Visconti Hours c. 1389 Manuscript (Banco Rari 397), 247 x 175 mm Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence

I also made a Vita Portens väktare (guardian of the white gate) for Einar Helsingr. A fighting award in Nordmark


For this one I used this manuscript as inspiration “Národní knihovna České republiky XIV.A.17”:

And the last one that actually was the first one I did of these three was a Order of the Dragons steel, that are an Drachenwald award for fencing for Anna vom Urwald. I did forget to take a picture of it after the gilding were done but a photo of that will come.



For this I used a manuscript thats called Masters of the Dark Eyes Missal. The whole manuscript fast turned out to be a new favorite. 520929b39826f62179cf0085a5d3476b

All of this scrolls are new illumination styles for me and they were fun to do. My challenge still are the writing and I have said for a long time that I need to start practicing my hand. So this is what I´m going to do (and not just talking about doing that I´ve done for a while now!). I´m thinking about starting with this two styles. Gothic textura and Gothic Batarde


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