Happy news!

Just got a mail from Lia that said that my name and device has passed. So my plan with celibrating my 10 year in the SCA with trying to get my name and device succeeded. 10 years and 2 months after my first event for being exact.

“Name and device. Per chevron inverted vert and purpure, a chevron inverted rayonny on the upper edge and in chief a swan displayed argent.Examples of the deuterotheme -holm in English place names were not provided in the Letter of Intent. Examples includeWestholm(e), Estholm(e), andSpaldingholm(e) (Watts, s.nn. West Holme, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor).

The submitter expressed a preference for the name Silwa af Swaneholm if it could be justified. Unfortunately, documentation of the spelling Silwa was not found in period. Therefore, we cannot make this change.

There is a step from period practice for the use of a non-eagle displayed.”

Thank you again Lia for telling me. Time to start making the heraldic dress and a standar!





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