Scribal work

Newest scribal assignement was an AoA for Katerina de Moncorvino. I don´t know her but I saw some photos of her in italian garb and decided to go for an italian manuscript. Thats when I found this picture of Saint Katerina made by Guglielmo Giraldi (Italian, active 1445 – 1489). And with her name and italian garb it got me thinking that it would work good for her.


It is my first try with Gothic batarde and I had the chance to practice it a bit before I had to make the scroll but I will practice it alot more.


I have also been sent a picture of the finished result of my last scroll for Anna

And I´ve realized that I forgotten to post some other scrolls and that I forgotten to take pictures of some. But here are some more scrolls. A Panache for Magdalen that I made earlier this year and a illumination for Silversparren that are Nordmarks “newspaper”






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