A Chivalry scroll

2 months before Double wars I got a question from Ailitha if I wanted to do a chivalry scroll, I answered that it would be fun but that I was not sure if I was good enough to do a peer scroll. But she pepped me and I decided to give it a try.

Since I didn´t know the reciever so good I started to spy on his facebook page. I found threads about other crafts that seemed to be round the 12th century England. So I decided to try and found a manuscript from that period that I liked. The manuscripts from that time are not the kind of scrolls I used to do. So I googled and googled and finally gave up and turned to Aleydis and asked her about manuscripts from this time period. Among does she recommended I found this page with alot of information and pictures from the Bury bible that was made by Master Hugo and scolars. I decided to try and make a scroll with two book pages on because I really liked the way this picture looked!


The Bury bible is a big manuscript, each page measures 52.5*35 cm and I decided to use almost the same size (the only big pergamenata piece I had left) and it resulted in an almost A2 sized scroll.

I reached out in the group SCA Scribes and Illumination on facebook and asked if someone could help me and translate the lyric to Latin. I found Master Giles Roet from Lochac, or he found me and helped me out and both translated and changed the lyric so it became much better! Thank you again!

Here are the lyrics in Latin and English:

Vitus, jure armorum Rex Silvaedraconis et Isabella Regina omnibus ad quod presentes littere pervenerint, salutem!

Vitus, by right of arms King of Drachenwald and Isabel the Queen, to all unto whom these present letters have come, greeting!

Comes Wlfricus de Derneforda probavit Caballarii et virtutis sui in agri honoris; et nobilitatis et facultatis in artes numerosa suae noti apud omnes populorum Regni.

Earl Wlfric of Derneford has proven his knightliness and excellent worth on many fields of honour; and his nobility and abilities in numerous arts are famed among all the people of the Kingdom.

Exaudivimus laudationum paribus, itaque comperimus dignus induere Cingulum albus, Vinculum, et Calcaria Caballarii Regni noster, et laete deferimus Accolandum.

We have heard the praises of his peers, therefore we find him worthy to don the white belt, chain and spurs of a Knight of our Realm, and joyfully bestow upon him the accolade.

Et quoque indicii dignitatis novi sui, tribuimis per Litteras suas Patentes Insignia hic depicta, geretur amodo illum non alium.

And as further indication of his new estate, we grant to him by our Letters Patent the arms painted here, henceforth to be borne by him and none other.

In cujus rei testimonium sigilla nostra apposuimus. Datum apud Attemarci septimo die Maii Anno Societatis LI.

In witness of this we have affixed our seal. Dated at Attemark seventh day of May, AS 51.

I decided to try and stick as much as possible to the style but changed both letters and some of the details and pictures. One of the flowers happend to become two swans and since I have a swan in my coat of arms and the also are a symbol for chivalry I´ve decided after some pepp to save them. Down in the left corner you can see Earl Wlfric on his way to become a knight, getting the belt, spurs and chain on his rising in the first circle. In the next one he has become a knight and has his white belt on. And in the top circle Drachenwalds badge felt very right.

It was given out the some days ago and since then I´ve gotten so many compliments. Thank you all for your nice words.

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