A flemish Panache scroll

I made a Panache scroll for Àskatla, since I was not sure what time period she prefer I chose to do a type of scroll that I really like to do. The folio I used as model are called The Stigmatization of Saint Francis and are made of the Master of the Lübeck Bible . The folio are made about 1510 – 1520 in tempera colors with gold and ink. The size of the leaf is 23.2 x 16.7 cm and the scroll that I made is about the same size.cd5ac51f495610dd5fb5af49c8225a41

I started with the calligraphy and then I added gesso and some gold leafs on the boarder. wp-1491157331817.jpg

For the background I used golden ochre that was mixed with bronze powder and gesso.   I´m not sure that this is how they did but I studied the original and figured out that the background is probably not made by gold leafs. Maybe they used shell gold? If someone knows how they did, please let me know! All in all I think the result on the background turned out quiet nice.


When the background was done I added piece by piece to the scroll and decided for the first time to finish the part I started on straight away. This made “the ugly stage” less  disturbing and I did not feel the urge to throw the scroll away.


This scroll are painted with only handmade colors and I tried as much as possible to use only “medieval” pigments. It´s my first try on making colors at home and I need to change the recipe for some colors to make them work better (more about this in a leter post). The pigments that I used was lapis lazuli, verdigris, azurite, ultra marine,  malachite, carmine red, madder lake, tartrazine yellow, golden ochre, vine black and zinc white. Some of the colors I used a very small amount of just to change the tint of another color. For exampel the color in the initial A is madder lake with some tartrazine yellow mixed into so that I would get the tint of red that I wanted.

The scroll ended up like this, and I´m pleased with the result (that does not happen very often…)wp-1491157177584.jpg


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