Anachronistic ink pot

In Planning a period scribal kit, part 2 you can read about a little research about the ink pot. Here is some pictures of the leather cuir bouilli ink pot from the Metropolitian museum that I choose to take the most inspiration from:

Here is three more in the same style:

Those ink pots I as a inspiration was probably designed to carry either a pigment container or a more elaborately worked inkwell. One can see the holders on them, designed for holding a cord or a leather strap to hang from.

The finds from the Met have wood cores with a textile interiors. Chances are big that if the ink was not in dry form, these cases did hold a container, maybe made of glass or ceramics? The leather, wood and textiles would all have soaked up the ink if is was fluid.

I really don´t want to risk spilling ink on myself or anyone else´s garb so I decided to go anachronistic when choosing container. I choose a glass jar with a screw-on aluminium lid and even if the leather ink pots had a container in them or not it surely wasn´t one with a screw-on aluminum lid. To get the right shape the lid was covered with clay and a wood pearl was added to tha top.

When the clay had dried I used cuir bouilli and covered it with. If you want to read more about how to do cuir bouilli then please visit my previous post: Cuir bouilli penner case. I did not take so many pictures when making the ink pot but here´s some:

It took about 12 effective hours to make the ink pot if I don´t count the hours for drying the leather, clay, ink and oil. When the ink pot was finished I finger braided some new cords in green to hang the penner and pot from. Green is one of the colours on my coat of arms, I unfortunately had no purple or white thread so that I could use all my colours.
Here´s the finished result:



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