Illumination as inspiration

f7.highresI´ve chosen a illumination that “sets” what colours I´m going to use on some of the pieces at the embroidery. I really love everything about the illumination and I think

that I will “copy” it and use for inspiration and do a scroll.  I´ve done some more tests and today I started on the “real deal”. The first bit in the embroidery are a stag beetle as can be fund in Baggeholms coats of arms.

I moved to Baggeholm (Blekinge) and lived there for some years. I found some wonderful friends both inside and outside the society. I also feel in love with Karlskrona when I lived there for a short while. I sometimes miss the city and often the people but never the fact that it was a long way to travel to visiting friends and family up here

The first bit on the arm.


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