Time to shape up!

So for the last 1,5 year I have besides working done some studies at the university. One course about how to approve and organize education for newly arrived immigrant students that I took together with a team from the school where I work as a teacher. And I have also studied to become a swedish as second language teacher. And finally my studies are done and I can go back to actually spend time on my hobbies!

I have decided that I need to learn more about illuminated manuscripts and then especially about italian ones that are my favorites. So I´ve started up by reading some books that I bought last year. In “A history of Illuminated manuscripts” by Christopher de Hamelabout I´ve so far have read about Books for everybody and learned more about Book of Hours. I´ve also finished  “Understanding illuminated manuscripts, A guide to technical terms” by Michelle P. Brown, and some articles online about italian manuscripts and there artists.

Then I read the introduction in “The visconti hours” by Millard Meiss and Edith W. Kirsch. It´s one of my favorite book of hours and I got the book about the manuscript from Meistreinne Katheryn this summer when I was drowling over it at her home. Realizing that several of my favorite manuscripts are made during the same time span and sometimes the same illustrators been involved in the various books have been very fun. I can´t wait until my new ordered books arrives in the mail and I can keep on digging down in history about italian manuscripts.

Besides researching it´s also time to update my wardrobe and start preparing for this years Double wars. I need new garb and new projects. Before starting anything new we are going to Aros and visit my dear Mistress Lia, join a sew meeting and hopefully I can get help with a pattern for new project.

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