Salladins ring for Egil Drakhufvud

I made two scrolls for Cudgel Wars to be handed out by our prince and princess of Nordmark. This post is about Salladins ring made for Egil Drakhufvud. The scroll is inspired by a decorated text page from Florence, Tuscany in Italy, about 1460-1470. The original is made with tempera colors, gold leaf, gold paint, and ink on
parchment. It can be found on J. Paul Getty museums database collections: Ms. Ludwig XIII 8, fol. 1v


Above is the picture of the original and my finished scroll work. The lyrics is written in Swedish. Illumination is made with iron gall ink that I made some weeks ago, malachite green and ultramarine blue, made from scratch by me. The madder red, titanium white and black (don´t remember what kind) is bought pigments that I made paint of.


The bronze powder is mixed with gesso made from a description that can be found in The gilded page, the history and technique of manuscript gilding by Kathleen P. Whitley.
I first learned how to make this gesso around 2014 from Mistress Bridget Greywolf. I will write more about making gesso in another post.

Mixing the bronze powder with gesso creates a cheaper, faked shellgold. Cennini describes how to make mosaic gold (a fake gold) in his book Il libro dell arte. Mosaic gold is made by mixing sal ammoniac, tin, sulphur and quicksilver that melts over a fire and then is ready to use. I however prefare to use the more environmentally friendly bronze powder as my fake gold.

The award given out is called Salladins ring, and I think the layout of the original folio was a good inspo for making the text look like a ring. The lyrics is written by her highness Agnes Odygd. Here is the lyrics in swedish:

En bärare av Salladins ring ska visa höviskhet, medkänsla och ridderlighet utöver det vanliga. I vårt rike finns en man vars höviskhet och medkänsla kommer lika naturligt som hans omtanke om sin nästa. Därför har vi, Roland och Agnes, furstepar av Nordmark beslutat att tilldela Egil Drakhufvud Salladins ring och vi gör detta i juli månad under Cudgel wars anno societatis LIII

Translated to english

A bearer of Salladin’s ring will show courtesy, compassion and chivalry beyond the usual. In our kingdom there is a man whose courtesy and compassion comes as natural as his concern about others. Therefore, we Roland and Agnes, Prince and Princess of Nordmark, have decided to award Egil Drakhufvud Salladin’s ring and we do this in July during Cudgel wars anno societatis LIII


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