It starts to be a gown not just embroidery!

Even do I had a long time to think about what kind of dress I wanted I had doubts now that it´s time to decide. So I did as I always do and googled. On Whiljas historical pattern page I found this text done by Emeludt Hänsler and started to think that maybe I should go for “housebook dress style”. After all I thought about doing a new one since I did my first when I was a sloyd teacher student. But then when watching pictures for the hundred time I decided to go with the first picture I saw on the style. Here are a good flickrside with the picture and details of it. I´ve added “pearlflowers on my dress that was inspired from this picture detail.

Heres me trying to take some picture of me in my toile while talking in the phone (multi tasking for the win). I have not yet decided if I´m are going for a V-neck or not. For you who do not now it I´m home from work because I´m burnd out. Working with this dress are my way to not become crazy with all negative thoughts! When I am my self I would never have found the patients to do this embroidery but now this slow kind of work suits me fine.
wpid-20140331_150923.jpg wpid-20140331_151345.jpg

Also I wash´t the embroidery! It didn´t stretch back all the way but it got better. And now it smells nice and I know that it kan be wash´t if needed!
wpid-20140401_125250.jpg wpid-20140401_125244.jpg wpid-20140401_125619.jpg

And I started with the body embroidery! There was supposed to be a swan on the front but I changed my mind and will try to put it on the “bröstlapp” instead (sorry don´t know the english word).
wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-04-02-08.11.46.jpg.jpg wpid-20140401_083954.jpg

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