Long time no see….

So since I have a house to renovate, taking two classes at the universite and at the same time works the craftings has been set on hold. Because I need to reathe and take care of myself to. However now I decided together with my sambo that the house is sat on hold until the spring/summer. I need to do things I enjoy for a while. Right now that means doing new garb. I haven´t made any garb for 1½ year and I really need some new stuff and some that are warmer than my silkdresses than the last garbs I made for Pennsic. Double wars in early may don´t have the same heat that Pennsic has…..

At Cudgel in July I had help from Lia, Tess, Annika and Åsa to make a new pattern. One that are supposed to work without a bra underneat. I found the pattern and decided to try it out in linen because I also need a bounch of new underdresses. The dress became very tight and didn´t fit att all! Since I have done some herjolfsnesdresses I decided to make gores like that. So I ended up with a kind of herjolfsnes underdress.

Then I adjusted the pattern and made a typical Silwa thing and cut out the new pattern directly in one of the woolsilk fabric I traded for a Birgitta cap at Pennsic. Fortunly it fitted quite well and it also seems that I may be able to wear the dress without bra (if the fabric don´t stretch to much). The dress in making are suppose to be a middle layer for my heraldic dress that I also will start making any day now. I know that they are not proven historically accurate but I want to do one anyway. A good thing I´m a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism! The fabric for the dress are bought a year ago and the sketch and plan for it are done. I will write more about the heraldic dress in another blogpost!


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